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Mountain View Senior Video 1997


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Hello Class of 1997,

To those of you who purchased a ticket to the 10 year reunion in advance and didn't receive the Senior Video on DVD, I want to offer my sincere apology for the delay. This should have been shipped out right after the reunion, there is really no excuse for it to take 2 years. It's a project I meant to have ready for the reunion and then have procrastinated after it wasn't finished. Because it was a volunteer project it has taken a back seat to work and has ended up taking much longer than reasonable to complete.

We tried to keep the price of the reunion down so we didn't charge for the cost of packaging and shipping DVDs so I will be covering that cost because it was my fault they were not ready for the reunion. However, if you are content to have the online version available to view or download and play on an iPod or similar device then that will be hosted here on this site. Because of the length of time that has passed and because many of the address forms that were filled out were not legible, I am asking that those who still want a DVD please fill out the form below and we will ship it to you in August. Thanks!

-Todd Watson

Senior Class President


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